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Are you looking for Christian books that talk about biblical theology, or spiritual growth?

Or maybe you are interested in biblical studies on systematic theology?

You have come to the right place, in our digital library you can download complete free Christian pdf books in Spanish without registering.

It is true that few of our digital books can be found on paper, but thanks to ministries that have been making these tremendous resources for more than 12 years (such as Logos) and our source (Chapel Library), we can access a variety of exclusive books from authors recognized that have left us an enormous heritage in reference to topics such as:

  • church history
  • Sunday School Guidance
  • Bible stories.
  • systematic theology
  • bible lessons for kids pdf
  • Family matters in general.
  • and forceful sermons like those of Charles Spurgeon among others.

You can download for free much more than 150 books in pdf format, a library which we will gradually update.

Christian PDF books from authors of centuries past whose writings have stood the test of time. Feel free to download or read all of our resources online


All of Grace

Carlos Spurgeon (1834-1892)

About All of Grace: “The object of this book is the salvation of the reader. He who spoke and wrote it will be greatly disappointed if it does not lead many to the Lord Jesus. It is sent forth in childlike dependence upon the power of God the Holy Ghost, to use it in the conversion of millions, if so He pleases…Reader, do you mean business in reading these pages? If so, we are agreed at the outset; but nothing short of your finding Christ and heaven is the business aimed at here. Oh that we may seek this together! I do so by dedicating this little book with prayer. Will not you join me by looking up to God, and asking him to bless you while you read?”—C.H. Spurgeon, from Chapter One.

You can also recommend our books in spanish, you can download them as always for free

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La historia de la mujer de lot: La mujer de Lot profesaba una religión; su esposo era un hombre «justo» (2 P. 2:8). Partió con él de Sodoma el día que la ciudad fue destruida. Estando detrás de él, se dio vuelta para mirar la ciudad, desobedeciendo el mandato expreso de Dios; cayó muerta al instante y se convirtió en una estatua de sal. (porque la mujer de lot miró hacia atrás) Y, sin embargo, el Señor Jesucristo la levanta como una luz de advertencia para su iglesia diciendo: «Acordaos de la mujer de Lot».

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